Portal 3 Tips Found in the Battle of Counter-Strike Mode Royale – Rant Game


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Valve is back to his old antics, it seems, giving fans another chance to ask: Is this an Easter Egg or is Valve hinting at a sequel? What appears to be the beginning of an ARG was found on the map of Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveIt's new royale battle mode Danger zone. This puzzle, both directly and indirectly, is related Portal. Given Valve's history for ARGs and the speculation propensity of its fans, it is almost inevitable that rumors are already circulating about a potential Portal sequel

Last week saw the release of long rumors Danger zone Battle Royale Mode for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The map is not particularly large since it's a Battle Royale of 16 to 18 players so it's no surprise that fans have discovered this Easter Egg so quickly. On one side of the map, there is a four-room hotel upstairs. The third room is closed and inaccessible from the outside with room number "3" on the floor. That would be a funny joke by itself, given Valve's awareness on the meme "Valve can not count to three," but a passage from the second room to the third room leads to something much more attractive.

In this third bedroom there is a dirty mattress on the floor and a desk covered with computer hardware. Players who wait a few minutes in front of this table will hear a secret message: some musical tones, a woman uttering a code, then a different musical tone, with a woman speaking unintelligibly in the background for the duration of the message. . This message, when decrypted, says, "That was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. "

The translation of the coded message into Counter-Strike: Global Offensives Danger zone The map marks the end of what has already been confirmed by fans as part of an ARG. The answer to the coded message being a quote from Glados and room three of the hotel being blocked pushed the fans into the idea that this is a teaser for a potential Portal sequel Clearly, this is an assumption, but the evidence must be recognized for what it is.

After this conclusion, there seems to be more to be found within the Danger zone map. It would not be an ARG if it were just an Easter Egg, after all. Players are already leaning over the features of the map, exploring the darker corners of the map, and while the next step of the puzzle has not yet been discovered, there are still much clearer tips on the subject. For example, a bulletin board with a piece of art from a group of mice had its coloration inverted to show a series of mysterious numbers.

In summary, on the map of Counterattacks Danger zone In this way, an Easter Egg referring to Valve's past problems with number three led to an encrypted code containing a Portal to quote. Internet detectives are working hard to find out more material that may or may not be an ARG. Valve also ran an ARG leading to Portal 2, prompting many to suspect that Valve is doing the same thing for a new Portal games.

It is known that Valve is working on several games currently, including at least one title for a player and several games of virtual reality. If these games see the light of day


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