Police in Toronto made new accusations, arrested 7th student in the investigation of St. Michael's College School


Toronto police imposed new charges, arrested a seventh student and again arrested four others in connection with allegations of sexual assault and assault at St. Michael's College School.

Police have already investigated a total of eight incidents linked to the Catholic private school for all boys. Investigators are investigating criminal charges in three of eight incidents.

On Wednesday, Insp. Dominic Sinipoli announced that five students turned themselves in to police in connection with an incident on October 17. Four of the five students had already been arrested by the police.

The last student arrested is 15, according to his lawyer, Nicholas Xynnis.

The charges against the boys include:

  • Assault.
  • Sexual assault with a gun.
  • Sexual assault of gang.

Two of the boys who turned themselves in are also being charged in connection with an earlier incident on September 18.

They are charged with:

  • Assault.
  • Assault with a gun.

Police said they do not expect to make further allegations unless new information is presented, but they remain concerned that the video of the sexual assault is still circulating online.

"We have reliable evidence that people still own this video or have made attempts to send it to social media," Sinopoli said.

The six teenagers initially arrested, who can not be named under the Juvenile Criminal Justice Act, were released on bail after their first appearance in court in mid-November but were expected to make another appearance on Wednesday.

St. Michael's has expelled eight students amid a growing police investigation into eight incidents at the private school.

Two high school officials resigned after the scandal and St. Michael's has established a "respect and culture" review panel that should publicize their findings by the summer.

The school also canceled this year's basketball season and canceled its football program for next year.


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