Friday , October 22 2021

PlayStation only triggered the PS5 for the first time?



We know that Sony and Microsoft are working on next generation systems, but none has officially revealed anything yet, and the first has been especially closed-mouthed about what is likely to be the PS5.

That said, some PlayStation fans think that Sony may have just triggered the PS5 for the first time.

Last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment sent a PS4 free holiday theme to a large number of PlayStation users.

"We wanted to thank you, the PlayStation community, for a glorious 2018," Sony wrote at the time. "Together we embark on new journeys, fight with heroic struggles and save the world. The power of the game is what unites us."

But what does this free PS4 theme have to do with a teaser for the PS5? Well, according to some, it's on the theme that said the teaser is hiding.

The discovery was made by Mike Peterson on Twitter, which points out that the "S" in "Holidays" and the "S" in PlayStation are different. More specifically, while the former looks like its standard S, the latter does not look like an S, but with a 5.

Is this a provocation for PS5? I do not know. Peterson is definitely correct in his remark: this is a 5 not an S in "PlayStation". And what else could be a tease if not the PS5? Some have pointed out that this is the 5th season of partying for PS4, but that's not true, actually it's the sixth. So this simple explanation is out the window. And this is really the only other explanation that has been provided. In other words, it looks like it's actually the first provocation of the PS5, and very subtle about it.

Whatever the case, I hope 2019 is not just more provocation and rumors and reports of a PS5, but some real concrete information. But with the system not releasing potentially until 2020, it may not be unveiled next year. After all, the PS4 was revealed and shipped the same year.

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