Patch Notes Fortnite v7.30 – Chiller Grenade, Mobile Controller Support and more


The Fortnite vn.30 patch is here! This update adds the new Chiller Grenade and has many bug fixes and in-game tweaks.

Check out the complete Patch Notes below. What are your thoughts on this update, Fortnite is heading in the right direction?


Chiller Grenade
Warning: can cause cold fingers. Cool your enemies with this new item, it's a blast!BR07_Social_ChillerGrenade.jpg
Support for Mobile Controller
Bluetooth driver support has arrived on supported mobile devices! Participate and win a victory in a whole new way.



All things that shine are gold in this time limited mode! All weapons spawns are Legendary with increased collection of material. Enter now and win the Victory Royale.

Mode details

  • All weapons are legendary.
  • Larger amount of materials received from the collection.


  • Chiller Grenade
    • The Chiller Grenade will knock down the players, causing them to slide across the floor.
    • Allies, enemies and vehicles hit with the Chiller Grenade will glide with iced feet / wheels for 7 seconds.
    • Drops in 3.
    • Common Rarity.
    • It can be found in Floor Loot and Vending Machines.
  • Cozy Bonfire – Updated Visuals
    • We've updated the visual effects of Cozy Campfires to indicate more clearly when a campfire is in use or exhausted.
  • Vaulted
    • Screw-Rifle Rifle
    • Explosive Rifle
    • Heavy Shotgun
    • SMG
      • Common, unusual and rare
  • No pod
    • SMG deleted
      • Common, unusual and rare
  • Reduced the chance of dropping the Double Pistol from serve from 2.24% to 1.38%.

Bug fixes

  • Balloons no longer collide with vehicles.
    • This solves a problem where vehicles can be damaged by using balloons while in a vehicle.


  • Memory and network optimization for apples and mushrooms.
  • Added vehicle-specific unique messages in the feed when players are deleted or deleted.
  • Edit delay
    • Reactivated client-side editing improvements.
    • These were turned off at 7.20 due to an input bug they were causing.
  • Fixed Boogie Bombs do not affect players who are wearing the Sneaky Snowman when hit on exposed legs / feet.
  • Fixed the last load of Sneaky Snowman right after registration if another Sneaky Snowman is present in a different inventory slot.
  • Fixed an issue where the glider automatically folded closer to the ground than expected by maintaining replantation of the glider from the bus.
  • Fixed the health bar of the X-4 Stormwing occasionally not being displayed.
  • Fixed a problem where players could get trapped in a sneaky snowman if he fell next to them.
  • Increased the amount of materials gained by serving the chests and looting on the floor from 20 to 30.
  • Increased the number of materials received from Supply Drops from 40 to 60.

Bug fixes

  • The purpose of the objective now is to direct the enemies into the vehicles, instead of the base of the vehicles that they are occupying.
  • Quickly switching to Traps, weapons in gamepads no longer cause players to fire or hit picks.
  • Fueling Suspended balloons now suffer environmental damage, including damage from explosives or biplanes.
  • Fixed instances of a free wall part showing as positionable but not constructing.
  • Fixed cameras on the player become distorted when another player enters a zip line.
  • Fixed an issue where the magnet on the zipline could be invisible in use.
  • Fixed a problem where visual enhancement effects could appear when operating a vehicle near a zipline.
  • Players can now progress properly and complete the 4th Week Challenge "Use an X-4 Stormwing aircraft in different games."
  • The screens do not shake more uncontrollably after walking on icy surfaces.
  • Players will no longer lose the ability to turn the Stormwing X-4 after reaching terrain / structures.


  • The guided missile was removed from the Playgrounds.
  • Removed the Spiky Stadium Supply Drop.
    • This will remove the ability to loot Spiky Stadium and also the Impulse Grenades.
    • This was done because of a problem that was sending the players back to the Lobby.


  • New Tournament Added: Architect Pop-Up Cup (Solo, Duo and Squads)
    • The settings of previous Pop-Up Cup tournaments still apply to this tournament.
    • In this mode, structures created by players can now be edited by any player, regardless of team status.
      • This is an experiment we would like to try in this test environment, but we are not sure of the full impact. We would welcome feedback from your experiences with this change.
  • Tournaments can now present ranking tables for each session of the event, highlighting the best performances.
  • Participating in tournaments now requires a minimum account level of 10.


Bug fixes

  • Smooth falls in the frame rate that can occur with major changes in the display direction and in the rendered character count.


  • Added a fuse sound to Granada.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed emote music overlay with lobby music, depending on how the volume sliders were set.


  • Show total group deletions on HUD if your team wins.
  • Added additional templates to the "Cycle Templates" list when viewing wrappers in the battle pass or item store.
  • The party colors have been restored to Blue, Red, Purple and Yellow. To distinguish players in LTMs like Food Fight.
    • There are new icons for teammates and the icons of the opponent on the minimap.
  • Rotating the camera on the Battle Bus no longer has an oscillation / swimming effect on the minimap.
  • Fixed a problem in the Net Debug user interface that would cause it to display a very high ping value.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where weapons were not equipped by double clicking on inventory after swapping their quick bar slots.
  • Fixed a problem where teammate scores would not be displayed.
  • Corrected incorrect deletion count information that occurs in large team modes.
  • Fixed player rating order in report UI.
  • Fixed a problem where part of the header interface could sometimes blink repeatedly.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Viewer" button in the Player Report menu selected only the first player you watched.
  • Fixed a problem where the playlists selection screen sometimes showed an incorrect selection after leaving a party.
  • Fixed a display issue with the item collection prompt that sometimes occurred after opening a ammo box.
  • Fix the preview lengths of the Pumpernickel, Running Man, Dance Therapy and Hot Marat emoticons lobby.


  • Celebrate the Super Bowl LIII with the new Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots uniforms added to the Fourth Down Outfit. Come in and represent your favorite team!
    • All players who previously purchased the Fourth Down set will receive these variants.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed weapon animations playing twice for each shot fired at replays.
  • Fixed an issue where camera / lens settings might display incorrect initial values.
  • Fixed a problem where trying to play an outdated playlist selected another playback.
  • Fixed players who appeared nervous while using Ziplines in replays.
  • Fixed Boombox music not playing when watching replays.


  • The Streamer Mode setting has been replaced by two separate settings:
    • Anonymous Mode
      • This will display your name as "Anonymous" for all players not in your squad.
      • Your account information will still be attached to reports submitted by other players using the "Player Reporting" feature.
    • Hide other player names
      • This will show all other player names as "Player" unless they are on your team.
    • None of these settings will be functional when playing in a tournament match.

Bug fixes

  • Party Invite notifications will now appear on the game mode selection screen. Accepting the notification invitation will take you to the appropriate game mode and participate in the party.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause some group members not to compare with a "Version Incompatibility" error if a member of the group participated, was prepared and the matchup was started in quick succession.


  • Mobile controller support
    • Android: Most Bluetooth controller adapters, such as Stratus XL Steelseries, Gamevice, XBox1, Razer Raiju and Moto Gamepad.
    • iOS: MFi controllers such as Steelseries Nimbus and Gamevice.
    • Phone vibration disabled if a gamepad is connected.
  • 60Hz on some Android models
    • We're implementing 60Hz support (to be enabled in settings) on certain Android devices. We have worked with our optimization partners and are launching this initially on the following specific models.
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (US variant)
    • Huawei Honor View 20
    • Huawei Mate 20 X
  • Added audio visualization icons for vehicles and balloons

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem that causes players to not be able to build several types of structure, at the same time holding down the compilation button and changing the compilation types.
  • The Fixed Harvesting Tool button no longer changes the weapon selected earlier
  • Fixed several simultaneous button presses on the phone can disable the shutter button
  • Fixed No lock icon appears on the directional pad when auto-locking on mobile devices.
  • Fixed Several user interface buttons with lower resolution than the other buttons.


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