Friday , February 26 2021

Overwatch, player, shows the powerful place of Widowmaker in new map Paris |

An Overwatch player has identified a powerful trick for the Widowmakers on the new map of Assault Paris.

Paris has been playing in the PTR for less than 24 hours at the time of writing, but players are already beginning to discover some of their more complex details, including several Easter eggs.

AndyGMB, who is known for identifying useful tricks and creative tactics, also began investigating elements that could really help win games, and discovered a powerful position to defend Widowmakers in the first point.

The spot allows Widowmaker to temporarily stand above the first capture point and offers a powerful line of sight on the street that the attacking team will most commonly enter.

This picking position should give the skilled Widowmakers the opportunity to find an early death early in the round, or after a complete rebuild, though it may not be ideal once the fight gets a little more hectic around the point.

It's worth noting that this location can be fixed before reaching the live servers, since many of Widowmaker's powerful spots have in the past been "unintentional locations." Meanwhile, however, it certainly pays to be aware of how to use a Widowmaker defender or be aware as an attacker.

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