Otter eats 3 more koi, evades capture in Chinatown park


And then there were four.

This is the number of koi left in Vancouver's Sun Yat-Sen Classic Chinese Garden after an elusive otter killed three other decorative fish over the weekend, increasing the death toll from seven to ten.

"We are sad, but at the same time we try to be hopeful," said garden spokeswoman Debbie Cheung on Sunday.

There was a glimmer of hope the day before, when the garden staff picked up and transferred a koi to the Vancouver Aquarium.

But the other three were difficult to capture, Cheung said. Wading staff in the ponds raised a bed of clay, clouding the water and prompting the koi.

Cheung said that koi are showing signs of stress and are not responding to a gong that is normally used in the water to summon them to meals.

The only koi captured so far has been transferred to the Vancouver Aquarium for now. (Chinese Sun Yat-Sen Classic Garden / Twitter)

The otter, which traveled hundreds of meters from the ocean, ravaged the garden for more than a week. He remains on the loose, hitherto avoiding human traps created by a wildlife reallocation expert.

The plan is to send the otter to the Fraser Valley, about an hour's drive from Vancouver.

The garden will be closed until further notice. More updates are expected on Monday.


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