Ottawa truck driver is not guilty in 2016 death of cyclist


Not every deadly crash is a crime, and what claimed the life of cyclist Nusrat Jahan in 2016 was considered a tragic accident.

On Tuesday morning, Judge David Berg of the Ontario Court acquitted Steven Conley, a truck driver who struck and killed Jahan, 23, at the bustling intersection of Laurier Avenue and Lyon Street during morning rush hour of September 1, 2016.

Conley was negotiating a right turn at the intersection, and while he did not signal, he could not physically see the young cyclist.

Berg said that Conley's driving was not a sharp departure from the reasonable standards of direction required to assign criminal responsibility. Conley was acquitted of criminal negligence and dangerous driving, causing death.

More to come.

Steven Conley leaves the Ottawa court during a break in his trial. Conley is facing charges in an accident on Laurier Street that killed cyclist Nusrat Jahan in 2016.

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