OnePlus 7 Pro Benchmarks Leaked: The Fastest Android Phone


There are two new teasers on the next OnePlus 7, and this handset still looks exciting, both for OnePlus and for the smartphone market in general.

Credit: OnleaksCredit: OnleaksThe first news comes from Geekbench, which published the first benchmark results for OnePlus 7 Pro. It confirms previous information on a 12GB RAM edition and that the phone will include the Snapdragon 855 processor. (According to wccftech, the The OnePlus GM1917 model number listed corresponds to OnePus 7 Pro.)

The multi-core score of OnePlus 7 Pro of 11,012 puts the phone very close to the fastest phone of all time, the iPhone XS Max (11,515). In the Geekbench Android ranking tables, OnePlus 7 Pro ranks first in multi-core testing, ahead of all other competitions. However, in the single-core test, the OnePlus 7 comes in fourth, just below the Exynos versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family.

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This continues a trend of bright test scores for OnePlus 7. Recently, DisplayMark evaluated the phone screen with the highest A + that has been granted so far. There are rumors that the phone has a 90hz refresh rate screen, which would certainly impress the DisplayMark staff, but they are waiting until the great revelation of the phone before publishing.

Meanwhile, Slashleaks user photos SUNILPANCHOLI show two tempered glass screen protectors for the OnePlus 7. We had already heard many interesting things about the screen but it is still good to have good control on the curved edges of the screen, the thin bezels and the small square sticking out from the top to keep the camera selfie pop-up safe. How exactly this will work with the motorized mechanism will be interesting to see. Credit: SlashleaksCredit: Slashleaks

It's about two weeks into the official launch day of OnePlus 7 on May 14th. If you can not get over the rumors and speculation, be sure to check out our rumor center OnePlus 7, where you gather everything we know and hear over the phone so far.


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