On Jake Gardiner's Boos and Maple Leafs Growing Sickness – The Athletic


It was not just some fans.

There were noisy rumors in the Maple Leafs defense as Jake Gardiner played the third period, boos that increased as more fans joined in every successive move the defender made in the rest of the game.

He detonated the Colorado shorthand keeper's coverage at the end of the second half and then was knocked out in the last five minutes of the frame by a clearly frustrated coach Mike Babcock.

Gardiner was discouraged after the game, which turned into a loss of 6-3 after a few empty netters. It was one of the worst performances of the year in Toronto.

"I just tried to put the position of the body," Gardiner said of the 3-2 goal that led to the boos. "So when I did that, I kissed the disc, so he regained his body positions and scored."

In the boos …

"I mean … it has not happened before, that's for sure. It's not something you want to hear.


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