Number of flu cases in Peel region up to 72 – as of December 8


Influenza activity continued to increase across Canada between the week of December 2-8, according to the most recent report from the Public Health Agency of Canada, with most laboratory confirmations and hospitalizations among people under 65 years.

As of December 8, 19, new cases of influenza were reported in the Peel region, says the Peel Influenza Surveillance Activity Report, bringing to 72 the number of confirmed cases of influenza.

In Peel, 23 cases occurred in people born up to four years; 10 cases in people aged five to 19 years; seven cases in people aged 20-44 years; seven were among people aged 45-64; and 25 cases in people aged 65 years and over.

Influenza-like illnesses accounted for 5.5% of all emergencies in Peel hospitals and accounted for 4% of student absenteeism in Peel elementary schools.

Influenza A is the most common flu virus circulating in Canada, says PHAC, and most laboratory confirmations and hospitalizations have occurred in people under 65 years.

Across the country, PHAC says there were 90 admissions to intensive care units and 16 deaths were reported as of 8 December.


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