Saturday , June 12 2021

Norwegian city ready to fight the Canadian city as the world's tallest moose statue

In an apparent declaration of moose war, a deputy mayor of the Norwegian city said that her city will do whatever it takes to stop Moose Jaw, Sask. to reclaim the title of having the largest moose sculpture in the world.

In a video produced by the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, the deputy mayor of the township of Stor-Elvdal said that it is better to think of Moose Jaw twice before entering into a giant animal's arms race.

"Sorry to disappoint you. We will continue our work to ensure that our moose is the biggest moose in the world – for many years, "said Linda Otnes Henriksen in the video sent to

His challenge comes just after Moose Jaw Mayor Fraser Tolmie says his citizens will do whatever it takes to make Mac the Moose the world's tallest moose in the world.

For 31 years, Mac was the tallest moose statue in the world until dethroned after Norway erected its own giant silver elk statue in October 2015.

Tolmie said his Canadian city wanted the right to brag.

"Canada's national pride is on the line … and we can not lose it to Norway because of a moose," he said, noting that there was already a GoFundMe campaign under way.

The city hopes to raise $ 50,000 to hire an engineer to upgrade the Mac.

He said city officials were beginning to hear the public's ideas on how to broaden their elk. Some ideas included putting a hat on the Mac, giving you skates, a hockey stick or carving larger antlers.

But the Norwegian deputy mayor said: "If we have to extend our legs or horns, we will do it."

Henriksen added that his Norwegian city had already obtained permission from the sculptor to not only make his moose potentially "twice as tall" but also repaint them into gold.

She claimed that the sculpture could be extended up to 20 meters above.

On Thursday, the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet made a poll on Facebook asking people to weigh. A translation for the post says, "Canada is waging war against Norway. Now it's a struggle to have the largest moose statue in the world." which one do you like the most? "

Of the nearly 13,500 votes cast so far, almost 60% of people seemed to like moose more than Canada.

But a quick look at the comments section of the post reveals that at least some of the votes may have been given by Canadians, who may be tipping the bullets in favor of Moose Jaw.

The research is scheduled to close in a week.

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