Kevin Hart had a big win when he received an Oscar hosting offer. This achievement was hampered by the resurgence of homophobic tweets for which he made an apology and eventually retired from his role at the upcoming awards ceremony. In the light of this chain of events, Nick Cannon felt compelled to remind people of some of the flirtations of his comedy darlings with equally offensive content.

He shared tweets of former Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer, all of whom had great success in their respective careers as comedians and actors. Cannon seemed to question how these numbers continued to sustain positive trajectories in the professional field, despite the use of homophobic insults in the tweets he republished.

Cannon is clear about his posture. He is not trying to embarrass these female comedians by these words, much as he is highlighting the hypocrisy of the entertainment industry and the public. He does not tolerate the rise of the politically correct. The comedian would not mind if people dug up some of their old tweets as well.

"No! You know I've been saying shit shit since the beginning of twitter! I do not play this politically correct bullshit! Fuck the politics !! Just the truth!"