NHL Rumors: Kessel's name was on the rumor mill but was withdrawn


The Pittsburgh Penguins may have put Phil Kessel's name in the rumor mill earlier this season but have managed to recover it in recent times.

Kessel's name was out there, but it was late.

Dan Kingerski from Pittsburgh Hockey now: Elliotte Friedman recently reported that the Pittsburgh Penguins put the name of Phil Kessel earlier this season.

The only way Kessel's negotiation makes sense is that return makes them better, and it may be "almost impossible" to negotiate with Kessel and make them better this season.

There are few teams that would be willing to give up substantial assets for the 31-year-old.

Kessel recorded 92 points last season – 50 on the same level, 42 in power games.

He carries a team of $ 6.8 million, which generally does not want to give up a lot of money to someone over 30 years. If the Penguins wanted to negotiate it, they would have to accept an agreement that would include "a high choice, a prospect, and a minor player. "

Joe Starkey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: There have been several reports on the penguins at least be open to the idea of ​​negotiating Phil Kessel.

Starkey does not agree with the idea of ​​negotiating with Kessel: "If the accusation is that Kessel has a difficult personality, who cares? He is still producing points despite a recent drop. He had 92 last season and has even Sidney Crosby (29) so far this year. He's incredibly consistent by putting double-digit points every month since the start of last season. About 10 days ago, he was at a pace of 100 points. A great week and it will come back.

Starkey lists some other reasons not to trade it. You would not get a bigger payoff if you moved it and they were not looking to rebuild it. Do not think he wants to leave Pittsburgh.

Chris Nichols by Nichols in Hockey: Elliotte Friedman on his podcast 31 Thoughts with Jeff Marek was talking about rumors of the Board of Governors meeting last week.

Friedman notes that the Pittsburgh Penguins may have put the name of Phil Kessel earlier, but "pulled it back." Socially, Kessel may not be comfortable and he may be a guy who after four or five years needs to move on.

"And also, if they really change, they'll have to change something like that.

"So I guess they looked at it, and then they pulled it back."


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