NHL Draft Live: Who will be the Canucks in 10th place overall?


Can hometown Canucks make a splash in the 2014 NHL draft?

Day 1 of the NHL Draft takes place Friday night in Vancouver, at the Rogers Arena, and Postmedia will be here all night, reporting on the comings and goings, rumors and intrigue, and anything else that goes on the floor of the draft. Check back often.


7:20 p.m. –

19:15 – A little bit more about Podkolzin from Patrick Johnston from the Postmedia: There was no disagreement between the Canucks delegation about their selection in the first round.

Now then. Here are the choices to complete the top 20, as this thing continues to hum along with little intrigue:

16. Colorado Avalanche – Alex Newhook

17. Golden Knights of Vegas – Peyton Krebs

18. Dallas Stars – Thomas Harley

19. Ottawa Senators -Lassi Thomson

20. Jets of Winnipeg – Ville Heinola

18:45 – More on the 10th general election of Vasili Podkolzin, I imagine (there is not much to discuss yet), but let's briefly turn our attention back to the draft. With the Colorado Avalanche on the clock at age 16, we are now in the middle of the first round. Here's what happened after the Canucks picked up Podkolzin and stopped paying attention to everything else:

11. Coyotes of Arizona – Victor Soderstrom

12. Minnesota Wild – Matthew Boldy

13. Panthers of Florida – Spencer Knight

14. Philadelphia Flyers – Cameron York

15. Montreal Canadiens – Cole Caulfield

If you're wondering, the Coyotes and the Flyers traded their first round choices before their selections in the day's only trade so far. This is preparing to be a really dry first round. Someone does something interesting.

18:30 – As nothing else matters, let's ignore what's happening in the draft for a brief look at the type of player the new Canuck, Vasili Podkolzin, really is.

A right-sided midfielder who plays an advanced type without fear, Podkolzin turns 18 in three days, which makes it quite impressive that he has seen some playing time in the men's leagues. This is what happens when you tear the U16 and U17 Russian leagues and have also turned heads during international matches in the past captaining Team Russia for a bronze in the Hlinka Gretzky Cup in 2018. Podkolzin led the way in the bronze medal game, scoring a hat trick in a 5-4 win.

But he was less notable earlier this year when he won another bronze medal with the Russian team at the Junior World Championship here in Vancouver. He had only three assists in that tournament, probably damaging his draft stock. The same occurred in three separate Russian leagues this year, where he also fought to produce.

Still, he was already considered the third best prospect in this year's draft, and the Canucks are betting that the initial scouting report is correct. Podkolzin is known as a ruthless competitor with speed, disk handling and finalizing ability in spades when he is active. He is also considered a strong, two-handed player capable of killing penalties and known for a solid backcheck and impressive breathtaking ability.

And before you ask: Podkolzin said he wants to play in the NHL. Last summer, Podkolzin signed an initial three-year contract with SKH St. Petersburg of KHL, which will likely prevent him from playing in North America until 2021-22. That would probably hurt your stock draft too. But he's coming.

"Obviously, the teams are expressing some concern about this, but there's nothing I can do," Podkolzin told the media in his translator, Adel Mansurov, yesterday afternoon. "It makes sense that they are worried that I will be away for a few years.

On Friday, his translator said that Podkolzin was excited to be summoned by Vancouver.

"He's proud to be a part of this, where the famous Pavel Bure played," Mansurov said. "He'll try to do his best."

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6:13 p.m. "The Canucks delegation was quite large, which happens when the draft is within driving distance. But I digress. With the tenth overall choice, the Canucks chose Russian forward Vasili Podkolzin.

Fans were not particularly pleased with this selection, especially with some big names left on the board. There was a handful of boos when the child's name was announced, which is never ideal.

But as soon as Podkolzin put on his shirt, the crowd recovered, clapping their stupid heads. I hope he makes the choice. According to several experts, Podkolzin is a boom or bust prospect. Very talented but a few question marks.

Let's give Vancouver the benefit of the doubt about this. They have had intermittent success with Russian prospects in their history – one can only hope that Podkolzin is more Pavel Bure than Sergei Shirokov.

18:00 – This completes the first nine choices, which means the Canucks are officially on the clock. Gary Bettman informed the crowd. The crowd is quite satisfied. While Vancouver deliberate, a quick summary of what just happened:

At seven o'clock, the Buffalo Sabers selected the center of Lethbridge, Dylan Cozens.

At age eight, Edmonton Oilers selected Swedish defender Philip Broberg, preventing Vancouver from being tempted to take him. Many fans seemed skeptical of Broberg, who scored only twice last season, and the crowd in the town looked totally satisfied when Edmonton chased him. That is reasonable. Being selected by the Oilers usually means that you are not as good as people think.

At nine o'clock, the Anaheim Ducks selected the American Trevor Zegras, who many expected to fall in the Canucks. He didn `t do.

5:50 p.m. – The Los Angeles Kings have selected the two-handed center Alex Turcotte out of the US national development program with the fifth choice. There was some rumor that the highly praised Turcotte managed to escape the top five. That was a very bad comment.

In the sixth overall position, the Detroit Red Wings left the board, selecting the German rookie of the year in the hockey league, defender Moritz Seider. That explains the rumors that Detroit was trying to negotiate. They probably could have let him down and they clearly knew that. It seems like a wasted opportunity to add a feature or two, but I'm sure they're happy to get their man.

The announcement provoked a considerable collective sigh, as most expected Detroit to lead a player to rumors of being on the Canucks' radar. Vancouver, of course, is mostly waiting to see who is still available to complete the top 10, so that move will probably appeal to them. Now it's more likely that one of your white whales is.

5:40 p.m. – That's where the draft really begins. The first two choices fell as expected, but everything after that is hard to predict. Which teams will leave the board? Which prospects will fall? Will there be trades? Is there blood?

With the third overall pick, the Chicago Blackhawks selected the Kirby Dach 6 & # 39; 4 "from the Saskatoon Blades.

At four, the Colorado Avalanche selected Vancouver Giants defender Bowen Byram, the highest rated in this version. This increases the likelihood of a Barrie trade, perhaps with Vancouver, as they say? You'd have to think so, at least as far as Barrie's coming out, since the Avalanche now has an embarrassment of wealth in the end and can handle a position of strength.

5:16 p. "It's rare to have a lot of suspense around the first general choice, but the Devils had a choice to make tonight: Quinn's brother Jack Hughes from Vancouver and the expected first choice overall, or Kaapo Kakko, the Finnish wing, many believe is the real best player on this draft. Oooooh, what will they do?

They chose Jack Hughes. No surprise there. Did I say there was suspense? No, you must have misunderstood me. Choose obvious.

The second choice went to the New York Rangers, and they did as expected as well, giving their rebuild a significant boost with Kakko's selection.

5:10 p.m. "As is the tradition, Gary Bettman took the stage to shoot the starting pistol against the NHL sack, and the hometown crowd hailed the hell out of it. After drinking in the jeers as the vampire boo he is, Bettman, who could not even be heard over the crowd, left the stage, only to return with Daniel and Henrik Sedin. Intelligent man.

The Rogers Arena crowd responded with a mixture of screams and mockery. Incredibly, there was never any confusion as to what response it was to whom.

Bettman then announced that Daniel and Henrik's shirts will be withdrawn in February as part of a one-week celebration. We already knew that, but it's good to hear it again. Be sure to bookmark your calendars for Sedin Week in February 2020.

Anyway. So Bettman kept talking, welcoming everyone to the event, and the fans booed him so loudly that I honestly have no idea what he said. Good show, Vancouver.

I heard him say this: "The first selection of the 2019 NHL Draft belongs to the New Jersey Devils." We are on the move.

4:55 p.m. – The draft has not even started yet and the Vancouver Canucks have their first touch of the night announcing that Alex Burrows, himself Dragonslayer, is heading for the Ring of Honor.

The undrafted Burrows are in the building, and were greeted with a massive ovation from the fans as he stepped onto the stage. That's to be expected: Burrows, who played in Vancouver from 2006 to 2017, has always been a fan favorite, and the absence just made the heart grow fonder.

It is also appropriate for Burrows to join ROH the same year that his regular colleagues, Daniel and Henrik Sedin, will see their numbers retired. It's two very fun evenings to wait for in the Canucks' 50th season.

Patrick Johnston of Postmedia has more.

4 pm. – Now it's one hour from the first pick of the 2014 NHL draft. The draft floor is full, and with so many masters standing and talking to each other, it's no wonder the trade rumors are coming fast and furious.

Tyson Barrie is the name that continues to emerge, both in online reports and among the hockey media gathered here in the suspenders. Several experts are saying they would be surprised if Barrie, a fearless defender born in B.C. coming off a season of 59 points, not to end up in Vancouver.

But do not expect the Avalanche to just give the 27-year-old a chance. What the Canucks would surrender in return? A rumor has the club give up on a prospect – the name Jake Virtanen has emerged – as well as their choice in the first round of 2020. It's a suspicious account, especially since it does not seem ideal for a team that is still rebuilding lucky Canucks finally win the lottery with a pick they exchanged), but if Canucks management thinks a Barrie deal might lead to a playoff spot, the first round may not mean so much to them, right or wrong.

It is worth mentioning that owner Francesco Aquilini said this morning that he believed the black days of the franchise were over. That's certainly the kind of thing you'd say if you really needed to believe that the Canucks would not be a lottery team again next summer.

Anyway, do not expect anything until the Canucks are on the clock. With a hometown crowd just waiting for something to cheer on, you know that Benning and Co. will want to delay until the stage is theirs before making any announcements.

3:00 p.m. – The last time the NHL Draft arrived in Vancouver, the Canucks made the biggest trade of the weekend. In the 2006 event, held in this same building (then called GM Place), Vancouver acquired goalkeeper Roberto Luongo in a grand deal, announced on the eve of the draft, which saw striker Todd Bertuzzi returning to Florida.

Thirteen years later, the Canucks host is again rumored to consider a splashy deal in their home arena. GM Jim Benning made no secret of his intention to renew a defense body that has not seen significant changes in several seasons; Not surprisingly, therefore, Vancouver was linked to a series of black lines supposedly in the trading bloc: Tyson Barrie of Colorado, Rasmus Ristolainen of Buffalo, P.K., of Nashville. Subban.

Time will tell you about it. In the meantime, let's focus on what we (we think) know for sure: except for a deal that includes the choice (do not do this!), Vancouver Canucks will select the 10th overall as they seek to add another piece to complement their developing nucleus. Expect them to choose the best player available, rather than elaborate on the organizational need. They need everything.

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