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News – Quick snow blast for Calgary in southern Alberta

ALBERTA | Snow blast

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Friday, November 23, 2018, 20:08 – Some poorly scheduled snowfalls caused a mess on the Calgary outposts on Friday night, prompting Canadian Environment Ministry snowfall alerts. A sharp boundary that sloped southward over the southern prairies, driven by the northern high pressure, combined to accelerate 5 centimeters by the end of the afternoon – and there is more to come. Deteriorating road conditions and reduced visibility will be a strong knock as strong snowbanks move south through the city, along with much of southern Alberta. Let's take a look at the time and total accumulations expected, below.

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  • Rapid and localized snowfall thanks to border, rising winds
  • Bands arrive slowly to the south at night, gradually decreasing on Saturday
  • The total accumulations will vary greatly depending on where the bands


Calgary police reported dozens of accidents, according to local media, as snow began to pile up on the roads and make driving conditions slippery.

Bands of snow, varying in intensity, will continue to drift generally southwards at night, producing significantly variable total accumulation. To the east of Calgary, it is likely that the site has the largest global accumulation, with primary conditions for growing snow hovering there for longer.

The good news is that this round of snow will be short-lived as the dry air descends from the Arctic with the high-pressure center heading south, now sinking into the Eastern Prairies. The ideal conditions created by the upwinds around the high, and the weak boundary covered by the southern prairies will not last beyond dawn while the high is heading south, and that means that the snow should subside at dawn on Saturday.

That high Arctic pressure means that the hottest temperatures we saw earlier this week will not be returning rapidly, with highs near the freezing mark lasting until next week, but – as soon as the snow dissipates – we are looking at relatively clear conditions during the weekend.


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