New York receives $ 9 million in federal funding to expand opioid dependency treatment services – Press Release


In order to broaden its fight against opiate addiction, New York State will receive more than $ 9 million in federal funding. This was announced on Tuesday, December 4, by the administration of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Breaking down the $ 9 million total, nearly $ 6 million will be allocated for medication-assisted treatment, with a particular focus on areas in the interior of the state. This will help dependent individuals gain access to the medicines they need to go through the recovery process safely. They will also have access to medications that help with the withdrawal process.

Meanwhile, $ 2.1 million will allow the development of five new recovery centers in areas still to be announced. However, these five new recovery centers are expected to be created in areas that are most in need of services.

"As the opiate epidemic continues to impact communities across the state, we are committed as ever to expanding and improving programs that provide critical treatment options," says Cuomo. "We will continue to take aggressive action to combat this crisis and work to ensure that these savior services are available to any New Yorker who needs them."

Specialized Treatment, Recovery Programs and Other Initiatives are key. The remaining amount will go to the specialized treatment and other recovery programs at locations around the state of New York. This represents more than $ 1.3 million in funding. Those who need help can visit this site for help.

Funds should be allocated to connect recovering people with transportation so that they do not fall behind in treatment, especially if they live far from the rehabilitation center. $ 600,000 will be given to support transportation initiatives. This will allow individuals seeking treatment in their communities to reach their destination more easily.

Another program that receives funding trains rescuers on how to care for patients who are intoxicated. This first aid training program will receive about $ 200,000 in funding. The State EMS and Trauma Systems Bureau will develop classes to train EMS providers on how to work with intoxicated individuals. It will be developed with Regional Emergency Management Organizations.

Initiatives will be funded through the State's Opioid Response Grant, which is administered by the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Dependence on opiates has become a widespread problem because of how these medications are affordable. But the efficacy of such drugs can not be ruled out for the treatment of conditions such as chronic pain. And so, addiction treatment is necessary for those who actually misuse substances for recreational purposes.

Most treatment units offer combinations of medical detox and behavioral therapy to address the physical and mental effects of opiate dependence. But addiction treatment is a highly personal process and therefore programs must be tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Comprehensive programs address the patient's symptoms, for example.

Likewise, each county that will receive funding can use the money to meet the needs of the region. Visit RehabNear.Me.


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