New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Review


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This re-launch of value-packed platforms lost some of its brightness.

By Tristan Ogilvie

Instead of setting fire to the world like the fireworks above the Mushroom Kingdom, Nintendo's underperforming Wii U console ended up in the smoke of a Mushroom cloud. However, at least tried to get off on the right foot, launching in 2012 with a high quality 2D Mario game, New Super Mario Bros. U. Here's what we thought back then:

"Although [New Super Mario Bros. U] does not necessarily redefine the iconic hero of Nintendo, it still manages to capture the sense of carefree adventure that many of us felt as children. More importantly, the game contains a significant amount of challenges, both in story mode and outside it. This game was clearly designed by a team that considers Super Mario World as much affection as we who grew up with it. If it were not for the weak graphics and audio of the game, in addition to the return of the annoying and chaotic multiplayer mode, this game can rival some of Nintendo's best 2D achievements. "

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Similar to other Wii U releases, such as Mario Kart 8, Nintendo packed the New Super Mario Bros. U with his DLC, applied some adjustments in the gameplay and resurrected it in the Nintendo Switch in the form of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. While this new (new) game still retains a fair amount of his Mario magic, he now finds himself on a console full of high-quality platforms, making him feel a little less essential than seven years ago.


[Toadette] is not overwhelmed with the slippery inertia of Mario and Luigi.

Playable characters Mario, Luigi and Yellow Toad join Toadette and Nabbit (which were previously only playable in New Super Luigi U) in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, with the latter two providing a change beyond a simple cosmetic change. Toadette is effectively the embodiment of the "easy way". She is not overloaded with the slippery inertia of Mario and Luigi, allowing her to jump between platforms with more precision, while at underwater levels she can be driven in all directions without having to repeatedly tap a button to stay afloat. In addition, all hidden 1-UP blocks become 3-UPs when discovered by the Toadette, and during my execution in story mode using exclusively the Toadette, I reached the 99-life limit well before I had reached the final battle of the castle .

The most powerful ability of Toadette is activated by the new Super Crown pickup, which turns it, rather bizarrely, into a pigtailed Peachette. Peachette deals like a more maneuverable version of the existing Flying Squirrel ability, and allows you to shake control or tap a button in the air to launch it up. This not only gives you the chance to take a final leap into safety when you are about to fall into a hole, but it also means that you can access many secret areas much more easily than with the other playable characters. In some cases, the more elaborate uses of hidden blocks or vines can be ignored entirely in one fell swoop of Peachette, and hard to reach Star coins can also be more easily captured – which is useful when you're trying to clear them . obtain a 100 percent conclusion.


Toadette is a fun-to-control and totally viable character for use in a single player.

While the Toadette is a fun to control and fully viable character for single-player use, the migration from New Super Luigi U's Nabbit to the main game is less beneficial. This schlepping rabbit seems ideal for younger or inexperienced players since it is invincible for enemies and projectiles that make crossing most of the levels relatively free of obstacles. Since I have my five year old daughter serving as the junior member of my home multiplayer quartet, I personally went all out for the inclusion of Nabbit in the main game, at least in theory.

However, in practice, his inability to use pickups like Fire Flowers or Super Acorn gives him much less action than the other characters, and as he is still susceptible to falling into holes, he is neither exciting nor completely foolproof . option for the young than perhaps he could have been.


[New Super Luigi U] successfully scratches the on-the-go itch that Super Mario Run has done on cell phones.

The included New Super Luigi U expansion features an alternate story mode that remixes the levels of the main game, removes Mario from the playable list and imbues Luigi with a more lunar leap and a more slippery pair of shoes. With each level shorter in duration and set against a 100-second timer, the New Super Luigi U mode is perfectly suited for fast and mobile bursts with the Switch in handheld mode. The strict nature of the shortened watch puts you in a forward perpetual motion ascendant state, which allows the mode to successfully scratch the on-the-go itch that Super Mario Run did on cell phones a couple of years ago (minus constant need for an internet connection).

But despite the new characters, the inclusion of New Super Luigi U, and the return of the various extra challenge modes, creating a robust 2D platform package with substantial replay value, the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe still stands out among the others. crowd of his pairs of platforms on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. Rayman Legends is more fun with friends, Celeste and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze offers a fiercer challenge, and Super Mario Odyssey is a much more amazing and inventive Mario game. If you missed the original Wii U, then the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe still deserves a good look but ultimately does not bring big additions or improvements enough to lift it up the pack and make it mandatory for return players. (If you are one of those returning players who enjoyed the game's cooperative multiplayer, it's worth noting that the Boost Mode feature based on the original release's touch screen is missing due to differences in hardware settings between the Wii U and the Switch .)

The verdict

The new Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is a widely accessible and resource-rich platform game. Toadette is a welcome addition to the list for those who, after a more tolerant, face some of the more challenging levels, and the inclusion of the New Super Luigi U mode substantially increases its life span. Although there are a number of other Nintendo Switch games within the genre that surpass the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe in several different ways, it remains a highly enjoyable platform package as a whole.


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