New director of the Perimeter Institute will be Robert Myers


Robert Myers was named the new director of the Perimeter Institute, marking the end of an era for Neil Turok, who led the theoretical physics research center since 2008.

Myers, originally from Deep River Ont., Has a PhD from Princeton. He is known for his contributions to quantum field theory, gravitational physics, black holes, and cosmology, with research focused on "fundamental questions of quantum theory and gravity," the institute said in a statement on Thursday.

He received the Herzberg Medal in 1999 for his work on black hole microphysics and D-branes – an element of string theory.

Myers also has a long history with the institute; he became his first faculty member in 2001.

The move from Myer to Waterloo caught the attention of other prominent physicists, adding legitimacy to the new theoretical physics research institute and "taking a huge risk of participating when the Institute was an ambitious idea – some might say audacious," said founder Mike Lazaridis. in his speech Thursday.

In 2008, the late Stephen Hawking joined as his first outstanding visitor research chair and later declared the Perimeter Institute "one of the world's leading centers of theoretical physics – if not the main center."

Turok will remain at Perimeter as a full-time researcher at the institute's cosmology research center.

"Although I'm getting out of this role, I'm not going anywhere," Turok said in the news release. "Cosmology has provided us with some puzzles and astounding clues about how the universe works. I am very anxious to devote myself full-time to understanding them.I could not imagine a better place to do it."

Neil Turok, director of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ont., And Ramond Laflammer of the Institute of Quantum Computing, also in Waterloo, recall his memories of working with Stephen Hawking. 8:06Justin Trudeau responds to a reporter's question with a humorous and not-so-pointed response 1:28


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