NASA's Curiosity rover captures images of Mars's STYLING 360, Rock Hall & # 39;


NASA's Curiosity rover captured an impressive 360 ​​video of Vera Rubin Ridge on Mars, dubbed "Rock Hall."

The video was created from a panorama taken by the rover on December 19 and includes images of the next destination of Curiosity – the floor of Gale Crater.

Exploring the curiosity of Vera Rubin Ridge could help NASA to join the story of its formation.

Abigail Fraeman, who has been working on the project, said: "We have had our fair share of surprises. We are coming out with a different perspective of the ridge than before. "

The video was created from a panorama taken by the rover on December 19

Within patches in the mountain range, Curiosity discovered hematite – a mineral rich in iron that often forms in water.

This suggests that, over time, groundwater has affected certain parts of the mountain range differently from others.

Framer said: "The entire crossing is helping us understand all the factors that influence the way our orbiter sees Mars.

NASA Mars rover curiosity low angle selfie
NASA Rover Curiosity

"Looking closely with a rover allowed us to find many more of these hematite signatures. It shows how space science and space science complement each other. "

The rover will now explore Glen Torrid – a region that is known to contain clay minerals.

Ashen Vasavada, who also works on the project, said: "In addition to indicating a previously humid environment, clay minerals are known to trap and preserve organic molecules.

"This makes this area especially promising, and the team is already inspecting the area for the next drilling site."


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