Nadeshot Touring the Brand New 100 Thieves Content House in Los Angeles


The 100 Thieves brand expanded rapidly and CEO Matthew Nadeshot & # 39; Haag was excited to take his fans on a tour of the new 100T Content House that the team recently acquired.

Nadeshot and the 100 Thieves organization have been on an upward trend since their inaugural 2018 season, and will now seek to provide their fans with more content in 2019 with their new home for creators.

The 100T streamer Rachel 'Valkyrae' Hofsetter and Nadeshot have toured the entire Los Angeles estate that will be the basis of the organization's video creators.

Even knowing that there will be two more people in the house when it is in operation, the space is incredible in both style and size.

The video begins with the couple displaying a guest room on the first floor, which will serve as the future office of a resident, who will live in the smallest room in the house on the second floor.

The living room of the house, like the rest of the property, is adorned with a modern design, from the color palette to the furniture.

The tour included a look in the backyard that had a chic pool with a comfortable seating area adorned with a fireplace.

The rooms were luxurious with huge spaces and incredible natural lighting. Residents will also have access to ample closets, while Nadeshot will be able to choose two huge walk-ins, presumably for all the clothes the 100T is known to have.

Nadeshot said he and Valkyrae are the top two of the four creators who will inhabit the two-story house, and mentioned that the team is currently looking to fill in the remaining rooms.


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