Morning report: Georges St-Pierre says he is "fully recovered" from health problems but is not sure if he will fight again


Earlier this week, Georges St-Pierre was arguing why a bout against Anderson Silva made no sense to him. Now it seems that a return in general is not something he is terribly interested in.

Speaking with the La Sueur podcast, St-Pierre revealed that although he is fully recovered from the health problems that led him to leave the middleweight title, the former champion is not sure if he will fight again.

"I'm feeling good physically, in great shape like never before," St-Pierre said. "[Ulcerative colitis] It's very serious, but I totally recovered from it. I do not need to take my medicine anymore. . .

"I could [come back] but to tell the truth, it is less and less tempting for me. I do not think I'd say that one day: I'm getting older. I do not want to fight a young guy who has not been part of the legacy, that's not a name. I would have nothing to gain. Every time we get into the octagon, it's a risk. You could have a bad day. . . We are always a mistake away from KO or a serious injury, so it is always a risk and the risk should be worth it.

"I'm not interested in coming back, fighting a rising star and destroying this guy." He gives me nothing and destroys the dream of a rising star.We are both losing, we are just making more money.If I come back, it is not necessarily for more money, but for legacy. "

The problem is to find an opponent who has enough reward to justify his return, and that's a narrow window to hit. The young contenders do not have name recognition, and fighters with this name recognition outnumber their cousins. There is a name that has been released as an opponent that fits the bill, and after his latest performance, St-Pierre admits he could do the trick if the UFC allowed that to happen.

"Khabib said he would like to fight me before the fight against McGregor," St-Pierre said. "It did not interest me at the time. He was not famous, he did not hit someone with a title or a name. Now that he has beaten McGregor, it's better.

"[But] I'm not the guy who calls people. It's not my personality. I know people are talking about this fight; however, I know the UFC would not be interested in this fight in 155 [pounds]. They know I'm at the end of my career. I do not have many fights. I'll be back for maybe 1, 2, 3 fights. Maybe zero. Maybe I will not come back and I'm okay with it. "

If he retires, the legacy of St-Pierre is as good as any other sport. One of the few men to win titles in various weight categories in the UFC, St-Pierre is considered one of the biggest if not the greatest of all time. With a 26-2 record in one of the best divisions of the sport, it's hard to argue. At 37, another return risks smearing this curriculum, and at the moment, it does not look like the GSP thinks it's worth it, even if he sometimes wants it anyway.

"When I set goals, I said I did not want to be eliminated from the sport," St-Pierre said. "I wanted to retire on my own terms and on top. If I do this now, I would have accomplished my mission.

"However, the competitor inside me is still here, so when I see the young men getting ready for a fight after a workout, with me feeling good and strong, it makes me want to go back. That's where it's the hardest for me. I want to go back there. I feel fit, in my top. I feel better than when I was 25. But when I'm with my family and everything, it's less tempting. When I wake up in the morning, I'm wondering, "Do you really want to go back to that circus?"

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Great fight weekend ahead. The Bellator doubleheader should really be a lot of fun and so we have the UFC final presentation on FOX. Oh, and Canelo is boxing. That should be fun too.

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