More than 1,800 games have already been released on the Nintendo Switch


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The Nintendo Switch is not even two years old and already has a library of more than 1,800 games.

According to Nintendo's Perfectly-list covering all regions, Switch now has a total of 1.868 securities. Nintendo Soup points out how 100 games have been added to this list in about a month. Here are regional breakdowns, as well as comparisons with previous yearly totals:

Total (all regions): 1 868 (2017: 388/2018: 1 298/2019: 182)
North America: 1 702 (2017: 343/2018: 164/2019: 195)
Europe: 1 689 (2017: 342/2018: 160/2019: 187)
Japan: 1 043 (2017: 243/2018: 732/2019: 68)

Obviously, this list includes all registered games. We're talking about shovelware, the first releases and even the free-to-play. So the next time someone asks about what's to play on the Switch, show them that list.

How many games do you think you've played on the Nintendo Switch so far? How many of them do you have? Tell us about it below.


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