Moran returns to Calgary's economic development command


Mary Moran, CEO of Calgary 2026, holds a 1988 Olympic torch during the 2018 Sport celebration held at Winsport in Calgary on Thursday, October 11, 2018. Moran spoke about the benefits of hosting the 2026 Olympic Games for the sports fans and sponsors. Jim Wells / Postmedia

Jim Wells / Postmedia

The former Calgary Olympic candidate failed to return to the post of CEO of Calgary Economic Development.

Mary Moran is back in command of the CED this week after a five-month leave, during which time she served as CEO of the Calgary Olympic bidding corporation. Moran, the first woman to lead an Olympic bidding organization in Canada, led the development of a $ 5.1 billion ($ 2.8 billion) publicly funded hosting plan and led an engagement campaign leadership. until the plebiscite of November 13.

Moran had said a successful bid could have generated a "10 to 1" return on investment and created more than 15,000 jobs in Calgary. However, voters rejected the Olympic bid by a margin of 56.4 percent.

Steve Allan, chairman of Calgary Economic Development's board of directors, took over the organization's chief executive officer during Mr. Moran's absence to cover his duties.

Calgary Economic Development will host its Annual Community Report on February 28.


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