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Almost 50 years ago, the United States achieved one of the greatest achievements in human history when NASA sent humans to the moon in 1969. However, conspiracy theorists today claim that Americans forged the entire moon landing to assert their dominance over then USSR. at the height of the Cold War. Russia is also apparently not entirely convinced by the claims of the United States and when it sends people and robots to the moon.

The country's space agency, Roscosmos, has previously stated that it will start building a lunar base in 2025, with humans stationed between 2030 and 2031.

While there, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that they will check the claims of America.

After being questioned at NASA, Mr. Rogozin said: "We set this goal to fly and check whether they are there or not."

While Rogozin's response may have been ironic, this is not the first time that Russia has worried about NASA's claims.

In a 2015 article published in the Russian newspaper Izvestia, a spokesman for the Russian Research Committee, Vladimir Markin, called for an international investigation into the disappearance of the footage filmed from the landing on the moon.

He said, "We're not claiming that they did not fly to the moon, and they just made a movie about it.

"But all these scientific artifacts – or perhaps cultural ones – are part of the legacy of humanity, and their disappearance without a trace is our common loss.

"An investigation will reveal what happened."

Nasa, however, has recently announced that it will return to the moon, and there will be no doubt about the authenticity.

The space agency made the spectacular announcement in a tempting video and seems to be a solution to the Space Policy Directive-1, which Donald Trump signed last year with calls for NASA to increase its physical space exploration efforts.

One of the main goals of the document is to return humans to the surface of the moon and another to lead the charge to build a station on the moon so humans can use it as a stop on Mars.

The plan is also to send more robotic missions to the study of the Moon as humans can reach Mars and other worlds.


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