The most talked about subject last week were the allegations against R. Kelly. After Lifetime broadcast their docuseries Surviving R. Kelly who explores the innumerable allegations of singer's sexual misconduct over the years. Everyone has shared their opinions on the subject, including the Frenchman Montana, who seems to believe that, despite the horrific accusations that R. Kelly faces, the Chicago singer should be able to enjoy his musical legacy.

TMZ recently spoke with Frenchman Montana, who shared a controversial opinion about R. Kelly. While many expect to see R. Kelly behind the bars, the Frenchman believes Kellz should be able to appreciate his legacy as an artist regardless of whether or not he is a sexual predator. The name-rapper even dropped Michael Jackson while he was at it. "All the big ones were like that," he said.

Adding, "Let someone take advantage of your legacy. Whatever happened, it happened, man."

French, however, mentioned that these allegations should not be shocking to anyone. R. Kelly mentioned this in his songs. French referenced the line "Bump N Grind", "My mind is telling me no, but my body, my body is telling me yes" to make the point of it.

When asked if people should stop listening to their music, the French simply replied, "They [people] do not let anyone have their legendary moments. "

Peep the clip below.