Mindy Kaling is Real about "Tidying up Marie Kondo"


It's as if everyone and their mother were watching "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo," Netflix's new program on dismantling. This includes Mindy Kaling.

The actress and writer made a funny reference to Kondo's best-selling books and the "sparkle joy" method of organizing her "The Mindy Project" in 2016.

During the 4th season episode "There is no crying in Softball," his character, Mindy Lahiri, remarks: "I did this Japanese organization thing where you hold something, and if it does not bring you joy, you throw it away. I got rid of all my vegetables and the electric bill. "

Then, of course, she checked out the Kondo show after it debuted on January 1st. Kaling shared his thoughts on "Tidying Up" with HuffPost while promoting his new partnership with Protein One.

"I saw the first episode. She's so adorable and looks incredibly wise, "Kaling said. "Your little tiny dresses and cardigans. She looks like a Christmas ornament. I'm really over her.

Kaling said she was impressed by one thing about "Tidying Up," that she feels different from other programs of organization and reform.

"When she came in and gave her advice, I thought," Oh, she's going to sit there and help them do the whole house. " But then it simply disappears silently, and they have to do it alone. And I think I'm much more accustomed to programs like "Extreme Home Makeover" or "Queer Eye," where they do it all for you, "Kaling said.

"And I thought that was very profound, because even though it's done by a montage before and after, I hope that's how you really learn to make the change, instead of just having someone in action and then two weeks later, you're a jerk because you did not do any of that, "she continued. "I thought that was very deep – although I wanted the before and after to be a bit more dramatic. But I was very paralyzed by her. I mean, who would not?

So Kaling will start asking his 1-year-old daughter, Katherine, which toys will bring her joy?

"Oh no!" She exclaimed. "I'm at that stage when you, silently in the dark of the night, take away the toys that irritate you and like you, put them in the garage. That's what I've done.


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