Microsoft, Linux and Windows 10


For your consideration.Is it time we gave nuclear power another chance?

For a variety of reasons, nuclear power has been offset and is currently contributing much less than it could for our overall energy needs. As the world looks for carbon-free energy sources to use before climate catastrophe strikes, Daniel Cooper explains why melting should be on the table as an option.

This is the year of the Linux desktop.Windows 10 will have a Linux kernel built in this summer

Microsoft announced in a post that it will release a complete Linux kernel on Windows 10. It will arrive first with the Insider preview builds by the end of June, supporting the new Windows Subsystem for Linux 2. Making this change a "fall" in-place "for the current emulator, should significantly accelerate performance, with faster startup and more efficient memory usage. At the moment, developers can try out a new Windows Terminal command-line application.

Amazon's AI is ready to wake up when you do it.You can tell Alexa to set a routine for the sunrise instead of a specific time

As of today, you can set up an Alexa routine to trigger actions when the alarm stops. You can ask Alexa to read your flash briefing a few minutes after the alarm goes off, or maybe turn on the coffee machine when you finally stop snoozing. It can trigger actions linked to when your security camera identifies a human being or at sunrise / sunset, even when they change from one day to the next.

Mystery solved?Dust storms may have stolen all the water from Mars

After thin dust covered Opportunity's solar panels, the robot apparently lost power and was declared dead by NASA in February 2019. Now scientists think similar storms may also have given a stroke of mercy on Mars, surface forever.

Keeping CarPlay.The redesign of Android Auto helps you to focus on the road

Google unveiled a new Android Auto interface designed to keep more attention on the road and ultimately adapt to the reality of modern cars with touch screen. It is finally built to fit wider screens, and a dark theme helps to blend with more interiors. There is also a new navigation bar that lets you reconcile step-by-step instructions with application controls and call tasks, as well as a redefined notification configuration. The new review should appear on all compatible cars this summer.

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