Michael Bolton seems to fall asleep during the interview on TV


Michael Bolton is a well-known internet gem (hello, Jack Sparrow), and his latest antics can be one of the funniest moments of all.

The singer appeared on Australian TV in The morning show this week, although it seems that his live food caught him in what appeared to be a nap.

Hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies were connected to the singer when it became immediately apparent that there were some technical difficulties.

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"Michael, did you give us all right?" Emdur asked as Bolton did not respond and it seemed that his eyes were closed. "Maybe he's just updating Instagram?"

"Hi Michael, it's Kylie and Larry, we're with you live," said Gillies, Michael saying, "It's silent."

Bolton has since clarified that he really it was not having a kip, tweeting: "I got my first contract with the label when I was 15 and I have not slept since !!

"In all seriousness, there were technical issues with the live broadcast and they caught me tweeting! We had a great interview when they fixed the flaw."

He then wrote "#fakenews" if we had more doubts (see, we do not blame him if he imagined a few minutes though).

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This is not the first time that Bolton has caused a bit of strangeness on TV during the day, with the singer's appearance in Good morning, Great Britain. in 2017, labeled "boring" by the viewers.

Maybe a Jack Sparrow hat has excited things?

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