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Meghan McCain launches new tantrum in the air and fans blow it up

Meghan McCain is one of the most controversial participants in the In cash like the loudest, most conservative voice on the table. The late Senator John McCain's daughter is not afraid to say what she thinks and blow her co-hosts up in the air. She is known for training with other television personalities and, on Friday's episode, made another squeal during the live broadcast.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain Lorenzo Bevilaqua / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

What made Meghan McCain upset with & # 39; The View & # 39 ;?

McCain and the women discussed Harvey Weinstein's subject after the accused sexual predator appeared at an actor's event. The ladies each exchanged their views on the subject. They all agreed that Weinstein should not be at the event in the first place and they all called in the criminals who allowed the behavior of the Hollywood producer.

“There are women who marry Charles Manson and date OJ Simpson. So we should not be surprised … ”interrupted McCain.

When McCain tried to make a bigger point, however, she was interrupted when the show was scheduled to go to commercial break.

"I'll tell you how … I always, especially in the times we live, like when I choose to go somewhere socially, I always think only, we are living in an incredibly polarized time …" she said before stopping in. middle. -intraction giving the camera a sparkle.

Goldberg looked at McCain knowing another tantrum was going on and told him to "go ahead" while the show's theme song played in the background.

"Forget it," McCain said, looking annoyed.

"Finish it," said Goldberg.

"Fine. I'm being … it's Oscar, fine, thanks," she said reluctantly.

Goldberg was taken by surprise and did not know how to proceed and played at commercial breaks while the rest of the panel laughed at what he had just witnessed.

What fans are saying about Meghan McCain

although In cash cutting McCain's tantrum from the video they shared on social media, fans were still commenting on the incident on Twitter. Many viewers protested McCain's behavior when similar incidents occurred in the past.

"Meghan McCain complains about being cut off" a viewer tweeted. “If she didn't complain, she'd be able to finish her thinking. Instead, she uses the time to throw a pity party and create an embarrassment like no other.

"Can you please get rid of Meghan McCain"? another viewer He asked. "All she does is scream and moan, and act like the spoiled brat she is."

"Oh, why can't McCain just interrupt his speeches and stop acting all the time?" one fan questioned. “They started the song and she wasted all the time complaining instead of finishing what she was saying. She is not part of the team, does not know how to be. This is the wrong job for her.

Fans are not here for McCain's reactions during the live shows and his reactions on Twitter prove it.

Meghan McCain fears being fired from show

It's in McCain's nature to be in love with his work and his convictions. That's one of the reasons why the ABC talk show co-host goes to work thinking she'll get the ax any day.

"I suppose I'll be fired every day," she told host Andy Cohen at Watch what happens live. "Every day. Yes every day."

When Cohen asked if she had already been closed to be kicked out of the show during the day, she explained.

"It's more the tone we are [at] culturally, people get canceled so easily, ”she explained. “And by the way, Joy has the same thing, because we're the most honest and raw. And we will always say something that will be very far in one way. So I joke about it, but kind of not. "

If McCain is fired from In cash or not in the air. The truth is that the conservative co-host has made many moments go viral and ratings for the show have increased. In cash airs on weekdays at 11am ET and 10pm PT / CT on ABC.

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