Meghan Markle made all the real mistakes that Kate Middleton avoided


That may sound a bit rude, but I'll say: The Duchess of Cambridge is boring.

She is unquestionably beautiful and charming and produces terribly cute children who are curiously adept at waving from the moment they leave the womb.

But there's no getting away from it: Kate is boring.

She is the duchess of vanilla with her bare stockings and exotic sheaths and a seemingly endless collection of pastel-colored dresses.

From the moment that 24-year-old Kate appeared at Wills' graduation at Sandhurst in 2006, the first official statement that she was being groomed for the royal bride, she played it safe, never putting a nude bomb from LK Bennett out of line.

From her choice of modest and harmless clothing from designers to the charities she has decided to support (children! Gardening! Art! – we are a long way from hugging AIDS patients and walking through Diana's mined fields here), Kate unequivocally chosen to never, never pop his head above the railing of Buckingham Palace.

Even the clothes he chooses for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the enigmatic Prince Louis are harmless and banal in the middle of England in knee-high stockings and ruffles.

Her reign as real wife number one was totally and totally unencumbered even by the slightest scandal scent. The most controversial thing she ever did was flirt briefly with a fringe.

The decision was front page news in the UK, so hungry were (and are) the tabloids for any resemblance to anything bordering on the individuality or personality of the future queen.

Then we came to his new sister-in-law, the Duchess of Sussex, whose permanence as Windsor's wife was marked by a series of gaffes and errors (in the eyes of palace minions, tabloid editors and British tut-tutting). monarchists, at least).

Meghan opined, wore black enamel, hugged strangers, closed the car door, failed in the presence of the queen, supposedly wakes up too early for the courtiers, sends lots of emails and text messages, and has many ideas about the work she wants do.

Some may see Meghan's choices and actions as those of an impetuous American who raped the walls of the castle with his yoga mattress and dream journal tucked under his arm.

However, I think there is something admirable about his refusal to censor his sense of style and his ideas in the face of an old-fashioned rulebook of a 1000-year-old institution.

And why should not she? Meghan did not spend her 20-year vacation in Verbier, partying in Mahiki and waiting for her elegant boyfriend to propose.

She had jobs, she built a career, she got married and divorced, she starred Suits. Arriving at Kensington Palace, she never shied away from her desire to do her new "job."

And that's the problem. Kate always avoided betraying any sign of independence and harassed the middle line with rigor (almost admirable).

His studied stupidity secured a real existence free of scandals and a constant wave of benevolent enthusiasm for his performance.

Some may call it smart – it will be Queen in several decades. But I would say that it is a sad way for a woman to live her life.

Meghan's biggest "crime" last year was staying true to who she is and taking risks. If this price is occasionally harmful to the media and public opinion, I say, live the black enamel of Meghan!

Daniela Elser is a freelance writer and contributor, continue the conversation @danielaelser


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