Meek Mill stirred the pot when he decided he would lead the protest against the lace wigs. The rapper's tweet provoked responses from Stefflon Don, among other women, who explained the reason for swinging lace wigs. Unfortunately, it seems that the reaction he faced from people on Twitter may have gotten him off the social media platform.

After declaring his position in lace wigs, Meek Mill received a barrage of responses from his loyal fan base. While the rapper faced a little reaction, he continued to explain his position, explaining that he is still attracted to wigs, but he still questions them whenever he sees them. The rapper counted the time he had to awkwardly let a woman know that his wig changed back. He further explained that he was traumatized after a certain sexual experience involving a woman's income front. "I was banging on something from behind and grabbed her hair to get a little rough, and since then it's a trauma," he wrote on Twitter.

Romain Maurice / Getty Images

Unfortunately, some comments he received prompted him to leave Twitter.

"Stop all black women, I really like more black women with nothing in" you'll be serious, "" he wrote on Twitter. "Why are you so serious here?[.] this thing is not real life relax … "

However, one of his fans came out to show his support, telling the rapper that he did not need to apologize for his preference. Meek responded by explaining that he just likes to play and that people were simply taking their comments very seriously.

"I just play all day, I do not care what people are thinking … I'm about to go out and have a normal good day," he said. "People have controlled me for years here does not make me or break me lol."

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