Mark Ruffalo shares the hilarious birthday message with Marvel co-star Tom Hiddleston


Thor star Tom Hiddleston is 38 years old today and his Thor: Ragnarok co-star Mark Ruffalo is celebrating, making the English actor feeling much older than he really is.

In posts on his social media platforms, Ruffalo wished Hiddleston a happy birthday, before warning him that year "50 is hell." Ruffalo shared the tweet with a GIF that will surely make fans of both actors faint.

Ruffalo is ready to reprise his role as Bruce Banner in Avengers: End of the Gamethe third part of a story is devoted to the internal conflict between Banner and the Hulk.

"This was an interesting journey that we continued with Banner, trying to decide how to move it forward in the Marvel universe" Infinite War Director Joe Russo said in the movie's commentary track.

"What makes it unique as a character is that there is a host body being contested by two distinct personalities who hate each other. Both want control of the host body. We think an interesting direction to take it is: "Well, what if Banner, who usually uses the Hulk to solve crisis situations, and if the Hulk was no longer interested in solving these problems for Banner?"

"So the relationship is becoming increasingly dysfunctional and that's what's happening here."

As for Hiddleston, the actor is ready to attend a new Loki-limited series central to Disney +, although the duration of its involvement has not yet been revealed. Although he was not able to say much, Hiddleston confirmed that he was involved in a recent appearance at the convention.

"I think I've posted something about it, it's very exciting, I can not say much about it, I'm afraid," Hiddleston said. "Time will tell."

Upcoming Marvel films include Captain Marvel on March 8 Avengers: End of the Game on 26 April and Spider-Man: Away From Home on July 5.


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