Mario Odyssey, Breath Of The Wild will support Labo VR


Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Blowing the Wild will support the Labo VR Kit soon after the launch of this month, Nintendo said today.

The games will receive free updates on April 25 that add support for virtual reality, using Nintendo's $ 40 Labo VR glasses, which will be released on April 20.

The VR support will be quite different between the two games. While Super Mario Odyssey will have a "bite bonus experience" with a series of three mini-missions in which you collect coins and musical notes, it seems Respiration of the Wild is receiving full RV support in the main game. You can simply activate the virtual reality glasses in the options menu and explore the entire Hyrule in virtual reality. (Pre-rendered cut scenes do not work in virtual reality, he said.)


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