Man threatens to shoot people on Manitoba highway, attacks semi


A man stopped in the middle of a Manitoba highway threatening to shoot people was arrested by the RCMP in Grand Rapids, Man., On Saturday.

Police were called about 9 am on a man acting in an irregular manner on Highway 6, about 70 miles north of Grand Rapids.

A semi-trailer truck met the man and stopped, Cpl. Julie Courchaine said.

The man did not leave the road and began to act in an irregular manner, jumping in the semi and "screaming things," said Courchaine.

"This man got up [the] truck was drilling [the] window, beating the head ".

The driver was threatened and his truck was damaged, Courchaine said.

"This truck driver actually called other trucks that were in the area to notify them of this situation and they all came and just stood and helped," she said.

Witnesses told police they did not see a gun, but the man became increasingly violent.

The other semi-drivers used their vehicles to block the road until police arrived.

"They did everything right, they got inside their vehicles, called 911, waited for the police," Courchaine said.

When police arrived, they tried to calm the man, who was agitated and refused to obey the commands to get off the road.

"He talked about photographing people and things like that, and he made motions with his hands, but he never had any weapons on him."

Eventually, Brandon's 44-year-old man was taken into custody without any injuries.

Meth found

Police later found a vehicle along the highway about a mile north of where the man was arrested, with footprints leading from the vehicle toward the woods.

A woman came out of the forest toward the vehicle. Police searched for her and found methamphetamine. The 42-year-old man, also from Brandon, was arrested.

Officers also found a knife and some illicit pills inside the vehicle.

Police say the couple traveled together.

"We believe he was under influence. It also appears to be methamphetamine and other illicit drugs," Courchaine said.

"It's a scary situation, it can often be very volatile. It's something I think we're seeing more and more, which is scary."

The man was charged with several offenses, including gun and drug charges. Charges against women are pending, RCMP said.


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