Liberal Party to pay for speaker's office $ 500 for use of PM's office for fundraising video


The Liberal Party of Canada said it will pay the president's cabinet $ 500 in rent by using the office of Prime Minister Hill's parliament to film a fund-raising video with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The party also said it would offer to return any donations made to the party that were the direct result of the video.

"Out of respect for full compliance with the House of Commons rules, we determined that it would be appropriate to reimburse the House of Commons for the brief use of space," Azam Ishmael, national director of the Liberal Party, said in a letter. to the Speaker's office.

According to the rules of the House of Commons, politicians can not use parliamentary premises for partisan purposes, such as fundraising.

But last month, the Liberal Party used the Trudeau Center Block office as a backdrop for a fund-raising video that asked supporters to make donations to the party.

Earlier this week, NDP Member of Parliament, Charlie Angus, wrote to speaker Geoff Regan asking him to review the incident and suggest "appropriate recommendations or seek appropriate penalties." Regan is the chairman of the Board of Internal Economics, the committee that manages the expenses of the House of Commons.

"The prime minister's team said he used the parliamentary office because he was pressed for time," Angus said in the letter. "Although I respect the fact that the prime minister of this country has many duties to fulfill, this can not be used as a reason to violate the rules.


"I am also concerned that if the prime minister were not held accountable for his misuse of his post, it would set a bad precedent for other parliamentarians."

Angus said he was still not satisfied with the Liberal Party's effort to make amends, calling for a decision to reimburse the House of Commons "wrong."

"This shows the complete disrespect of Justin Trudeau and his liberal government for their obligations to respect Parliament," Angus said in a statement to the CBC.

"They think the rules simply do not apply to them," he said, "when they get caught breaking the rules, they think they can just write a check and make it go away.

Ishmael's letter to Regan's office also shoots Angus, saying his party "has not yet paid the $ 2.7 million due to the House of Commons for using public funds for partisan purposes."

In early 2015, then-speaker Andrew Scheer ruled that 68 NDP deputies were to reimburse the House of Commons $ 2,749,362 for expenses related to the establishment of party offices outside of Ottawa.

Ishmael goes on to say that the Conservative Party has used the parliamentary district in fundraising videos on several occasions.


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