Saturday , October 23 2021

LG Cinebeam Laser Launches 120 Inch Screen 4K Inch Distance


a year since launching their first 4K projector, LG is poised to debut the 4K "cinebeam laser" projector with ultra short-throw technology at CES 2019. the second-generation model brings even more impressive image quality to an even more compact design that requires minimal space.

all images courtesy of LG

the 4K "cinebeam laser" projector launches crisp, clear and accurate UHD resolution images on any flat surface. placed a little more than two centimeters from the wall, will project a diagonal image of 90 inches. placed seven inches apart and it will produce a 120 inch image in its place. easy to move and adjust, the device will provide a truly cinematic experience wherever you position it.

paired with image quality, The LG project also offers plenty of content possibilities. movies and programs can be streamed while USB, Ethernet and HDMI ensure even more connectivity options. with AI, users can control the device with voice commands. a magic remote control can also be spoken as well as being able to recognize gestures and display backlit buttons.


model: HU85L

manufacturer: LG

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