Letter: Mental Health, Housing at Bell's Let's Talk Day & # 39;


For the publisher:

"Today (Wednesday) is Bell's Let's Talk Day," which encourages people to talk about mental health to raise awareness and reduce stigma. Last Friday, the BC Provincial Health Officer's annual report found that the province is lagging behind the rest of the country when it comes to mental health.

"The report found that kindergarten children are increasingly at risk of social and emotional problems, while young adults are reporting lower levels of mental health. Taken together, these results reveal that families with young children need more support.

"The province's top doctor suggested that those suffering from a" generation squeeze "between the ages of 20 and 40 may be impacting mental health because of lower incomes, higher debt and higher housing costs. Investments in day-care centers and improved housing availability have been suggested as ways to improve the health of young families.

"The NDP is urging the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau to take simple and shocking steps to kick start the aid that so many families need – like investing in half a million units of affordable, quality housing in a decade, giving tenants low income help now with a rent subsidy on the next budget and help homebuyers for the first time with closing costs by doubling the Residential Buyer tax credit.

"Parents have also waited a long time for the government to act, ensuring that affordable, high-quality day care is available to all and that families are suffering. The government needs to invest in the mental health of children and families, making child education a priority in the 2019 federal budget. "

Wayne Stetski, Member of Parliament, Kootenay– Columbia


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