With LeBron James now in Los Angeles as a member of the Lakers, we have not heard much of Big Baller himself, Lavar Ball recently. Of course, Lavar was a great voice who followed the team wherever they went when Lonzo was summoned, but this year he has been much more moderate. Well, all that changed when TMZ talked to Lavar at the airport and asked him about the possibility of Anthony Davis joining the team.

"They have enough," Lavar said of the Lakers' list. "I do not care who Lonzo plays, the only person I want to see him with is his own brothers."

LeBron would probably have to disagree with Lavar, considering that the Lakers star made it clear last week that he would love to play Davis if he had the chance. He even would have dined with Davis, although some General Managers throughout the league accused James of tampering.

The Los Angeles Lakers look like a rejuvenated team with LeBron, with a record of 19-14 and currently ranks fourth in the Western Conference. Perhaps with the addition of Davis, the Lakers would be a pioneer to claim the Western throne of the Golden State Warriors.