Lance Armstrong Shades Alex Rodriguez, I'm a better person than you!


Lance Armstrong

Tones by Alex Rodriguez

I'm a better person than you!

06/12/2018 06:37 PST

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Lance Armstrong it is still annoying that the colleague admitted cheater Alex Rodriguez was essentially forgiven by society while he is still considered a villain – since Lance says he did much more to help people.

"A-Rod did not raise half a billion dollars and tried to save people's lives," Armstrong said on the "Today" show … obviously referring to the work he did with the Livestrong foundation.

Armstrong then threw even more shadow at the baseball player … sarcastically saying, "Look, it's great when someone comes home and runs maybe an event here and there for the Boys & Girls Club."

Armstrong had already complained about A-Rod … saying "Radio Freakonomics"back in July," The only important thing is that Alex Rodriguez was allowed to come back and play. And Alex Rodriguez was part of a collective sport. And third, Alex Rodriguez never represented anything but baseball. "

"So they never allowed me to go back to my sport at any level, and most people saw it as an individual sport, and I stayed for much more than cycling."


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