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There is a new high point in B.C. high school basketball.

And to beat him, you'll have to channel the greatness of Wilt Chamberlain.

Diego Maffia added 96 points Saturday afternoon, leading the Oak Bay Bays to a 112-88 win over Ross Sheppard Thunderbirds of Edmonton in seventh and eighth place in the Continental Savings Western Canada Boys basketball tournament at KSS.

You read right, 96 points. Eight more than all of the Thunderbirds did, and more than any other team, except eventual tournament champion Vincent Massey, who lost 97 in the first set.

Maffia scored 181 points in three games, averaging 60.33 per game. He scored 47 in Thursday's loss to Vincent Massey and 38 in a loss to Salmon Arm Friday.

On Saturday, Maffia made 61 photos. More than half of these (32) went beyond the three-point arc. He had 16 of 32 three points and 30 of 61 in total. He also logged on 20 out of 22 on the charity list.

He could have hit the mark of the century, but sat in the last minutes just four points behind.

The previous record of the tournament was 60 placed by Alex Dewer.

Vincent Massey, the number one Manitoba team, played the Burnaby South Rebels 85-74 in Saturday's final.

Massey made a 12-0 run early in the third quarter to open a tight game.

The game was tied at 32-32 in the middle, and Burnaby took a 37-32 lead out of the range but was chilled off the floor the rest of the time.

Vincent Massey scored 16 of 17 points for an 11-point lead.

The rebels managed to reduce the deficit to six at the end of the game but failed to get any closer.

Host Owls finished in fifth after overthrowing a painful 82-81 decision for number one on the Alberta team, Jasper Place.

Trapped by two, Malik Pottinger hit a three-pointer with 21 seconds to give Jasper Place a one-point lead.

The owls had a chance in the last seconds but were unable to convert some layups.

KSS took 49-34 in the middle, and held a nine-point lead after three. They were eight to five minutes into the final but could not close.

Pottinger had 30 points and 11 rebounds to put Jasper Place.

Hunter Simson had a high 34 game for the owls in a lost cause. He added seven assists and five rebounds.


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