Kodak Black provides Visual to a single controversial, "expediently"


The visual is made up of video clips of the rapper on tour.

Kodak Black is like the gift that keeps on giving, and today he left the look of his single, "Expeditiously." The song was labeled as "diss track", but in addition to specifically mentioning Gillie Da Kid (N * gga waiting for me to fall just like the boy Gillie) And the wife of T.I. Tiny (Tiny, how ugly, I do not even want Piggy), the track does not appear as a complete lyric attack.

The video clip was shot while Kodak was on the road completing his tour and presenting the rapper's backstage with his entourage. There are lovely scenes with Kodak and his son, as well as the rapper performing in front of screaming fans. It also shows that this compilation may have been done in a hurry, considering that Kodak still needs to memorize the words to "Expeditiously" and is reading the lyrics on their phone.

The MC of Florida certainly knows how to capitalize on the controversy. He has a solid team standing next to him, while many in the world of rap have become his targets or his enemies. Taking the old adage "there is no such thing as bad publicity" seriously, Kodak managed to broaden its audience – albeit at the expense of others.


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