Kim Kardashian about working with Trump on prison reform: "People sitting behind bars do not care who the president is"


"I know I have many times that people tell me:" Do not go to the White House, your career will end, do not go there ", said the critic's star on the critics who tried to dissuade her working with President Trump's administration on clemency.

"And I kinda weighed the decision of what it was like … saving a life or having some bad tweets about me or bad news for a few days. I assure you that people sitting behind the bars do not care who the president is And if I could have done it, I do not care, "she told Van Jones in" The Van Jones Show, "which will be shown on Saturday at 7pm. ET on CNN.

Since joining Johnson, Kardashian has worked with lawyers and activists, including Jones, in a national bipartisan advocacy group on criminal justice reform.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Kardashian West said he started a apprenticeship at a law firm in San Francisco last summer and wants to take the California bar exam in 2022.

"I do not want to be put in a box," she said. "I saw a comment in which someone said," You need to stay on your lane. "You may have ambitions, but do not be too ambitious." I read to my husband in bed, and I was like, "This will push me further," she said.

She said her family, including her husband Kanye West, support her aspirations.

"Coming home, I have my backpack. [My kids] has his backpack. They are studying, I am studying. And they're seeing that I have this film career and I'm having makeup samples tested all over my arm while I'm trying to read my flashcards … I hope they get inspired to know they can put in the hard work, "she said. .

Kardashian West also quoted his father Robert Kardashian, who gained national attention as O.J. Simpson's defense lawyer, as inspiration to study to become a lawyer.

"It's in me," she said.

For the complete interview, watch "The Van Jones Show" on Saturday at 7pm. ET on CNN.


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