Kendra Wilkinson is Falling In Love 7 Months After the Divorce Request


Kendra Wilkinson

Mike Coppola / Getty Images for ESPN

Kendra Wilkinson is seeing someone new, and it looks like this is a guardian.

On Monday night, the former reality show star revealed to her thousands of Instagram followers that she is once again dating after her separation from her husband Hank Baskett more than seven months ago. "I've been dating lately, knowing myself and even falling in love," she said.

More importantly, going through a divorce and becoming a single mother taught Kendra that "Love and happiness are real without waiting for someone or anything to do it for you." A man!

She added that reaching this point of self-confidence and love required "a lot of patience, empathy and discipline."

Although, she admitted that she has had little slips lately. The 33-year-old joked: "Well, except with the d-k head I got on the road the other day."

And Kendra made sure to let Twitter know about the developments in her love life as well. "Life is too beautiful and precious to expect someone or something to" make "you smile," she tweeted next to a selfie full of sun.

In addition to leaving alone, Kendra has spent a lot of time with children Hank Baskett IV8 and Alijah Baskett4

During the long weekend of Thanksgiving, the Playboy Rabbit celebrated his athletic son in his hockey tournament. "He is really hard working and amazing team player," the proud mother flaunted. "Everywhere a good man with a good heart."

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