Kelowna man pleads guilty to murder of mother of his 2 children


Jay Sinclaire Thomson pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on the death of Theresa Neville, 27, the mother of Kelowna, B.C.

Thomson (62) entered his appeal Monday morning in Kelowna at the start of his trial in B.C. Supreme Court.

Neville's body was found in a house she shared with Thomson and his two children in block 300 of Yates Road on June 18, 2013.

It would take another four years for Thomson to be arrested and charged with the murder.

Stabbed at least 35 times

The court heard, from a correct statement of fact read by prosecutor Mark Levitz, that Thomson stabbed Neville "at least 35 times" in a fit of rage.

Levitz did not provide details of what happened immediately prior to the murder, but said that Thomson has a growing suspicion that Neville was betraying him with another man.

The 88-kilogram woman died of injuries, and Thomson created an alibi to try to avoid responsibility for the murder, Levitz said.

After he washed the blood from his hands, Thomson left home and bought donuts at a coffee shop and brought a receipt home with him.

He then called 911 and told the operator he was out of the house for about an hour and came back to see a stranger fleeing the garden before finding Neville's bloody body in the house.

Thomson gave the RCMP a detailed description of the stranger, which the investigators used to create a compound sketch of a suspect, according to Levitz.

The case remained unresolved for years, and Thomson held his alibi repeating his lies to family and friends and telling them other stories about his relationship with Neville.

Thomson told his ex-wife that Neville was abusing drugs and that the stranger who came to his house the night of his death was probably a drug dealer.

However, a toxicology report found no drugs in its system, Levitz said.

Investigators eventually announced that they no longer believed that Neville was killed by a stranger and, in November 2017, Thomson was arrested and charged with murder in the second degree.

Began a relationship with a 15 year old

The court heard how Thomson and Neville met in 2001 on a beach in Kelowna when he was 45 and Neville was 15.

Neville was upset and crying, and Thomson, who was already married and had four children, consoled her and gave the teenager her phone number so she could call him if she wanted to speak again.

Neville and Thomson made friends and Thomson taught her to drive.

Thomson introduced the teenager to his family, saying that she needed friends and invited her on a family skiing trip and dinner at her home.

He started a sexual relationship with Neville and raised his son when she was still a teenager, Levitz said.

Thomson had a second son with Neville and he finally left his wife to live with Neville and the children, living with them until Neville's death in 2013.

Court to hear victim impact statements

Several of Neville's family and friends were in court to hear Thomson's confession of guilt.

The court will hear the victim's impact statements at a sentencing hearing on January 24.


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