Kanye West says Drake "threatened" me on the phone, releases dozens of new tweets


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Kanye West has a lot in mind and cares little about the Twitter character count.

The West unleashed more than a dozen tweets (and counting) targeting Drake on Thursday afternoon. The "Jesus Walks" rapper promised to smooth things over with Drake, but he can not overcome his fall with the power of Canada.

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"I still need this apology to mention the 350s and try to take food out of their idols," Yeezy tweeted Thursday afternoon. "I've been trying to find you for six months, bro. You [are] poaching in Travis [Scott’s] records and text messages Kris [Jenner] talking about "how is the family".

The public dispute between the two sides came after West's teammate and GOOD Music's president, Pusha T, started an intense, albeit brief, rap contest with Drake. Both artists released diss strips. The flesh peaked when Pusha revealed the existence of Drake's son, Adonis, in the track "The Story of Adidon."

West criticized Drake for his lack of sympathy for Ye's battle with mental health. Drake was previously rejected for mocking the mental well-being of Kid Cudi as well. "I need my apologies now," West demanded on Thursday.

West said his troubles with Drake have "bothered me for a long time". He expressed his frustrations with Drake for allegedly buying the first two lines for a show in Pusha T. The tactic is used to reserve empty seats on a rival's show to reduce expected attendance. See 50 Cent Vs. Ja Rule.

West 41, even shared a passage from the Bible: "Beloved, do not be surprised at the judgment of fire when it comes to you to test it, as if something strange is happening to you. But rejoice as you share the sufferings of Christ, so that you may also rejoice and rejoice when your glory is revealed. "

He tweeted the same screen shot of a text on three different occasions. "Drake sent a request for permission to 'Say What's Real'. Do you want to clean? ", The text said. "Say What's Real" is a 2009 track from Drake's innovative mixtape So far. The track was produced by West.

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West updated the fans right away. Two of his last three tweets revealed how Drake had just called West in response to the flurry of tweets. "Drake finally called," he tweeted. "Mission Accomplished." Ye went on tweeting, "By the way … not clear."

The only thing that West offers more than musical content is headline tweets.

Speaking of which, West picked up exactly where he stopped later Thursday night. He tweeted more than 60 – six times zero in a period of approximately 30 minutes. He talked about his alleged phone call with Drake, dismissed Drake's alleged threats and more.

See the reaction to the West tweets below.


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