Jason Momoa of Aquaman understands if Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are leaving DC movies


Aquaman Jason Momoa says he understands whether Ben Affleck, the Batman superstar, and Superman superman Henry Cavill, have left the DC Films shared universe.

"If they're both out, then listen: it's just where they are in their careers. I mean, how many Henry did?" "Did he do three?" Momoa said HuffPost. "Yes, I mean, you want to move on. I think if I did … sh-t, I did three.

Momoa joined the DCEU of Warner Bros. in 2016 Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, making an appearance as the water superhero before joining Affleck's star, Cavill and Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, in the crossover of 2017 Justice League.

He now headlines Aquaman under director James Wan and is hired by at least one more DC Comics film.

"I mean, Henry just wants to expand something," Momoa said. "Ben is an incredible director who is of age and has probably done enough. I do not know how to speak on their behalf, but I had the best time of my life[in

on[em[onJustice League].

Momoa added that Cavill is "totally 100% Superman for me" before commenting that he really likes Affleck's company, which Momoa dubbed "phenomenal director."

The future of both stars in the ongoing DCEU – set to expand with Shazam!, Wonder Woman 1984and a Harley Quinn led Birds of prey film as well as projects planned for Supergirl, Zatanna and Plastic Man – are in doubt.
It was reported in September that Cavill was in the role of Clark Kent-Superman, ending a run of three films with the character released in 2013. Steel man.

Cavill later shared an enigmatic video indicating his five year term as Superman is not over yet, while Cavill's manager Dany Garcia wrote on Twitter "the cover is still in his closet" and that the studio "was and still is our partners as they evolve the DC Universe. "

Warner Bros., responding to the situation in a statement issued through The Hollywood Reporter, said only that "no decision was made regarding the upcoming Superman films," adding that the studio "always had great respect and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged."

The star has since embarked on the Netflix series The magician and is allegedly eyeing the next James Bond as soon as Daniel Craig leaves the paper.

Affleck, meanwhile, has long been hitchhiking out of the hood since he has yet to commit to any future DCEU Justice League, the lowest paid artist of any DC Films project yet.

In October, it was reported that Warner Bros. was actively looking for a new actor to replace Affleck, who would be interested in reprinting the role at least one more time.

The report came after industry exports said in August Affleck, then dealing with a relapse into alcohol addiction, would likely have to be replaced because of the high insurance costs needed to cover the star in already costly productions such as Matt Reeves' solo The Batman or a potential Justice League sequel

An article from June THR claimed The Batman is centered around a younger Batman, which would prevent the 46-year-old actor from heading the film so that he would not play a limited role while a younger actor enters the previous tale.

O Aquaman The future is bright – a continuation is likely, as the Wan-directed film marked the biggest opening day in China for Warner Bros., which is about to raise a box office revenue – but only starring Momoa Justice League Stars Cavill and Flash, Ezra Miller, "lost strength" in the studio.

Aquaman, starring Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Dolph Lundgren, Willem Dafoe and Nicole Kidman, and nothing in theaters on December 21.


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