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Huawei, currently the world's second-largest smartphone company in sales, has conquered users, in part by shipping their devices with a myriad of new features, from wireless charging to first-rate cameras and appealing cosmetic features like colorful gradients on their bright backs. Now a leaked image of your next major Android phone seems to reveal a surprising reverse course. According to the Indian blog 91phones (and via Engadget), its next premium device, nicknamed the P30, will feature a HEADPHONE JACK.

What is it, you say? Are not headphones so yesterday?

Well, it turns out that sometimes progress is not universally loved. (Pour one for the futurists here.)

Over the past two years, Apple and others have gradually removed the connector from their devices.

Yes, this was done on behalf of finer appliances and more features like waterproofing. But – let's be honest – they're also very likely to also sell people to those expensive, sometimes pretentious, wireless headphones.

But you know what? People – say, those who have a favorite set of wired headphones, or who hate the idea of ​​losing the ability to charge using their headphones – are still missing those black holes.

Huawei was no different, removing its entry in the P20 predecessor of the P30.

But the leaked image reveals that it appears to be returning on the well-known lower edge of the device, to the left of the USB-C charging port.

Other features revealed in this and previous phone leaks include a six-inch screen, more than the background gradient, a 24MP selfie camera in an aerodynamic notch in the front, with a Sony 38MP triple camera with 5x optical zoom in part and no fingerprint sensor port, with the device likely to be available in the 128GB and 256GB versions.

Huawei surpassed Apple as the world's second-largest smartphone provider in the second quarter of 2018, and the last two quarters only solidified that position. In the third quarter, only Samsung (leader) and Huawei recorded shipment growth among all major players; and as for the fourth quarter, well, Apple gave us a little preview of what we would expect there.

Interestingly, Apple specifically pointed to China as a disappointing market when it comes to iPhone sales: Huawei is the market leader.

So if this leak is needed, it's interesting to think that because Huawei often grows following the other brand handbook, it may be making a bold move bringing something back that seemed to have been discarded in the technology march.

If the pace of cellular sales continues strong, this may be coming at a crucial time for Huawei. The company is still in hot water with governments in Europe, the US and elsewhere because of questionable and potentially illegal business practices, and this appears to be potentially affecting its telecom equipment business and its lucrative business with operators.

As for when this supposed phone can be released, we are about to launch CES in Vegas, but it is unlikely to appear here. The P20 was launched in March last year, a few weeks after the great MWC mobile event in Barcelona, ​​and that could be the same schedule that the company follows again.

We are contacting Huawei to comment and we will update this post as we know more.


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