Insider Trading: Are There Unknown Markets to Which the NHL Could Expand?


Bob McKenzie of TSN Hockey Insiders, Darren Dreger and Pierre LeBrun have teamed up with host James Duthie to discuss the future of the WJC in Canada, why the Red Wings are protecting Filip Zadina, unfamiliar markets for which the NHL could expand and more.

How is the future of the WJC in Canada?

Embedded ImageMcKenzieIf you include this year's World Juniors in Vancouver and Victoria, as well as Edmonton and Red Deer in 2021, Canada will be hosting the World Junior Six times over the next 13 years. What everyone wants to know is: 'where it will be in '24 till' 31 & # 39; The short answer is that we do not know yet, but we can find out sooner rather than later in 2024. The expectation is that the offer of 24 can be granted before the World Cup of 2021. Then, in two years, we will be able to find out who will be the host in 2024. You will notice with Vancouver and Victoria and also with Edmonton and Red Deer, that you have an NHL city and a city of CHL. This is not by accident. This is the project that Hockey Canada is looking at, and I would not be surprised if in 1924 until 31 the Hockey Canada continue to look at this idea.

Why the red wings are protecting Filip Zadina?

Embedded ImageDreger: Part of the Reason Why They're Managing Filip ZadinaIce time and its development time are so careful that with the expansion process, players with two years of experience or less need not be protected in Seattle's next expansion project. Zadina could return after the World Cup and play up to nine games against the Detroit Red Wings without having to be protected as long as he plays a full year next year and then the year after the expansion project. Good thinking for the Red Wings.

Riders are exempt from the draft expansion, but could they be active?

Embedded ImageLeBrunThe Golden Knights are exempt from Seattle's upcoming expansion draft, but they can take a double dip and get into Seattle's action as a team going through this expansion draft. Some of the side-trades that might be available for Seattle could also be available to Vegas. Since the Golden Knights are exempt, they could go to the teams and say "we could make your life sweeter if you were willing to do x or x." Believe me, George McPhee, general manager of Vegas, frustrated many teams last time and he could get involved again.

Are there any unknown markets for which the NHL could expand?

Embedded ImageMcKenzie: There is nothing on the immediate horizon of expansion. Obviously, the NHL is just doing Seattle now, so the expansion may cool for a while. But, much conventional wisdom has always been that Houston would be the next big thing. It's a great market and perfect for the footprint, but it looks like the governing agency that controls the arena in Houston is not at all interested in the NHL and therefore Houston will not be on the NHL radar anytime soon. But Austin, Texas, is an interesting market. At the moment, it's an AHL city with an 8,000 seat stadium, so they obviously would need to build another lane. There is not a group of homeowners who have come forward and said they want to get into Austin but it is an intriguing market for the NHL that could one day be on the radar because it is a fast growing market and is a unique niche.

Ducks in the left hand D-man market

Embedded ImageDreger: Anaheim has been scouting teams like the Montreal Canadiens and Carolina Hurricanes. I would not say there is a connection there yet, but Anaheim is pretty specific with what they need. At worst, they are looking for a third-party guy with a left-hand shot.

Hurricanes keep looking to score ahead

Embedded ImageLeBrun: Whether there is a fit with Anaheim or not, hurricanes – what they really wanted William Nylander but I never got that chance – I want a top 6 forward as fast as possible and they have the surplus in the defense to make it happen.


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