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The Inner Health organization is notifying parents that the province is initiating a measles recovery program for children.

This program will run from April to June 2019 for kindergarten through grade 12 children who are not up-to-date for measles vaccination. This will help protect children against measles disease, IH released in a statement to parents.

Children should receive two doses of the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. This will give children the best protection against measles, the statement said.

If your child has a two-dose MMR vaccine record, he or she will be up to date with measles protection. You will only receive a consent package if your child is not up to date.

Kindergarten Students:

• Kindergarten students will continue to be immunized at health centers. You can find your local health center at

• If your child has not received two doses of vaccine containing measles, you will receive an automated phone reminder to call your health center and make an appointment.

Students in grades 1-12:

• One dose of MMR vaccine will be offered through school clinics for students who need a first or second dose of the MMR vaccine.

• You will receive a consent packet from the school in the coming weeks if your child needs a first or second dose of the MMR vaccine.

If you receive a consent pack but find that your child received two doses of a measles-containing vaccine, provide a copy of the vaccination record to the local health center. Visit for tips on finding immunization records.

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