I thank the next one: Ariana Grande closes Piers Morgan on the sexuality of women


Ariana Grande and Piers Morgan were involved in a Twitter fight after the British TV host expressed opinions about women and how they use their sexuality.

The 53-year-old raised his eyebrows Wednesday when he criticized an image of a semi-naked photoshoot of the British group Little Mix. The photoshoot was aimed at promoting body positivity, but Morgan claimed that they had stolen the concept of American band Dixie Chicks and were "using sex to sell records."

The TV personality also criticized Ellen DeGeneres, claiming that the "hypocrisy of modern feminism" was stripped down because the comedian used her program to appreciate the bodies of men on International Man's Day.

Big Joan's mother quickly glanced at Morgan, tweeting, "Honestly, what's wrong with you? Your mother never taught you, if you do not have anything cool to say, do not say it! You came to The Ellen Show yesterday , which was shameful, she's an angel.Mix Mix today.Have you ever heard of paying homage? "

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Ariana Grande is not having any of Piers Morgan's nonsense today.


Ariana Grande is not having any of Piers Morgan's nonsense today.

Morgan clapped his hands, saying that his mother had always taught him to speak his mind.

"Ellen is a hypocrite," he wrote on Twitter. "As for Little Mix, I'd rather have them use their talent to sell albums instead of nudity, like their own daughter does!"

Big, 25, then engaged in the conversation, tweeting, "Ellen is an incredible and kind human being.I use my talent and my sexuality all the time because I choose.Women can be sexual and talented.Nude and dignified.It is our choice .

"We'll keep fighting until people understand. I say that with all due respect, but thank you, then."

The last line of the tweet made reference to the last single of Great, titled Thank U, Next. It was released earlier this month and names the late ex-boyfriend of singer Mac Miller.

Morgan answered quickly. Of course, women can do whatever they want – but if you / they use nudity to sell albums to impressionable young fans, I will continue to call them / you with All respect, but thank you.

"I look forward to the day when you realize there are other ways to become relevant than criticizing young, beautiful, and successful women for everything they do. I think this will be a beautiful thing for you and your career." or what's left of it. "

Big also posted a semi-nude picture of Morgan announcing Burger King. She wrote, "When you do this, that's right, right?"

Morgan then invited Big to participate in the program he co-features, Good Morning Britain, to "sort this out as hand-for-woman."

"We can bring our mothers too if you want," he added.

But the pop star was not having any of this, once again tweeting her thank you cry "thank you, next". She then shared a still of the last video clip of her single, which showed her dressed as a high school cheerleader along with a reference to the 2000 comedy. may come.

This is not the first time Morgan will fight Big.

Morgan was forced to apologize for misjudging Grande after criticizing her leaving the UK shortly after the bombing attack at the MCR stadium in Manchester in 2017.

When Grande returned in June and organized a huge charity concert in honor of the victims of the bombing, Morgan tweeted that she was sorry to have misjudged her.



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